Wang Jianing from Institute of Energy was Named as the “The Most Outstanding Science and Technology Workers in Hefei in 2022”

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Recently, Wang Jianing, executive deputy director of the Smart Power Research Center of the Institute of Energy of Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center, was awarded the title of "the Most Outstanding Science and Technology Workers" in Hefei in 2022.

Jointly organized by the Publicity Department of Hefei Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, Hefei Association for Science and Technology, Hefei Science and Technology Bureau and many other units, a total of 10 most outstanding science and technology workers were selected across the city in this activity. It aims at vigorously carrying forward the spirit of scientists, stimulate the sense of honor, pride and responsibility of scientific and technological workers, unite the vast number of scientific and technological workers to forge ahead with strong innovation and confidence in a new journey of high-level scientific and technological independence and self-improvement.

After graduation, Dr. Wang Jianing gave up the high salary abroad and went back to China directly. He has devoted himself to the basic unpopular research of parasitic parameters and electromagnetic environment of equipment, and to the R&D and industrialization of new generation power semiconductors and their new energy equipment, and has made a series of innovative achievements, which have been applied to the industry, effectively promoting the technological upgrading of enterprise products. Under the leadership of Ding Lijian of the Intelligent Power Research Center of the Institute of Energy, he co-chaired the construction of a new generation of power semiconductor device packaging pilot test core and reliability test research and development platform, which is "internationally scarce, domestically leading and first in Anhui". The platform and related research fill up the research gap of power semiconductor devices in Anhui and will effectively promote the rapid development of power semiconductor industry in Hefei and Anhui.