Clean and Efficient Use of Coal

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Brief introduction to safe, intelligent and accurate mining and clean and efficient utilization of coal

Before 2050, it is difficult to change the coal-dominated energy structure. However, only about 500 billion tons of green coal resources can meet the comprehensive constraints of coal mine safety, technology, economy and environment and support the scientific production capacity and scientific development of coal. According to the coal recovery rate of 50% in China, it is estimated that it can only be exploited for 40 to 50 years. With the increase of the depth of coal mining, the reduction of coal resources, and the emergence of negative environmental effects in coal utilization, the whole industrial chain of coal resource development and utilization shall be upgraded from labor-intensive to technology-intensive, and take the road of safe, intelligent, precise mining and clean and efficient utilization with few people (no one), which is the embodiment of national strategic needs.

Institute of Energy of Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center has four research directions. Among them, the direction of clean and efficient utilization of coal is constructed under the leadership of by Academician Yuan Liang (the president) based on Anhui University of Science & Technology. It leads the scientific development of energy by precise mining of coal and clean and efficient utilization of coal, and takes the road of green and low-carbon energy. Supported by 6 first-class doctoral degree programs,it organizes national and industrial professional teams to make a breakthrough in the comprehensive research on the basic theories and key technologies of green and intelligent coal mining, clean and efficient coal combustion, modern coal chemical industry and efficient utilization, development and utilization of waste mine resources, and CCUS development and utilization. Related research involves key interdisciplinary scientific issues such as mining, safety, geology, automation, computer, big data, coal chemical industry and environment. Through research, the coal will be precisely mined, the safety of coal mine will reach the international leading level, and coal will be used cleanly and efficiently, which not only provide clean energy solutions for for high-quality development and the construction of a beautiful China, but also accelerate the construction of a clean, efficient, safe and sustainable modern energy system.