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Introduction to thermoelectric conversion

Global energy shortage and environmental pollution are two major problems affecting the sustainable development of human beings. How to deal with the energy crisis caused by the impending depletion of fossil energy and environmental pollution caused by excessive consumption of fossil energy is an urgent problem for scientific and technological workers to solve. At the same time, with the vigorous development of Internet of things technology and electronic information industry, the computing speed and integration of chips are greatly improved, but some problems such as slow information transmission speed, unstable signal and even chip damage caused by chip heating are becoming increasingly prominent. As a result, there is an urgent need to develop refrigeration technology for high-integration, high-power core electronic components and chip precision temperature control applications. The material for thermoelectric conversion is a kind of new energy material which can realize the direct reversible conversion of heat energy and electric energy. It is the core material of thermoelectric power generation and solid-state refrigeration technology, with important application value and space in the fields of aerospace vehicles, national defense, industrial waste (exhaust) heat utilization, electronic information and new energy vehicles. The key to the research of thermoelectric conversion lies in the accurate characterization of the electrical/acoustic structure and the analysis of the transport mechanism, the coordinated regulation of the electrical/thermal transport performance, the performance optimization and application research of thermoelectric devices under service conditions. Guided by the goal of high-performance thermoelectric materials, Institute of Energy of Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center plans to develop accurate characterization of electroacoustic structure and local structure and full chain design and optimization construction technology of high-efficiency thermoelectric devices, establish a systematic and original theory of thermoelectric conversion and guide the research of advanced thermoelectric materials and devices, so as to obtain an efficient commercial application system for thermoelectric conversion. Related research involves common scientific issues of solid chemistry, material science, condensed matter physics and other disciplines, with a high degree of interdisciplinary. The research direction sticks closely to national strategic planning and regional industrial layout, which is of great significance to promote the large-scale development of renewable energy and build a green circular economy system.