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Recruitment of outstanding talents at home and abroad

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Institute of Energy of Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center (Anhui Energy Laboratory) [hereinafter referred to as "Institute of Energy") is a provincial institution legal person of Anhui Province and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is jointly built by relying on Hefei Institutes of Physical Science of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Anhui University Of Science & Technology, University of Science and Technology of China, and Hefei University of Technology and other units.

It has built a large-scale comprehensive breakthrough, leading and platform-integrated research base with "first-class research facilities, first-class core technology, first-class research team and first-class scientific research achievements" by aligning the national strategy, aiming at the frontier of the world, combining with the national medium- and long-term energy development plan, gathering innovative energy resources at home and abroad, and actively exploring new mechanisms and systems and following the management mode of "service establishment, theater command, and war-led construction", and occupied the strategic high point of the development of energy technology in the future, thus providing strong theoretical and technical support for solving the problem of energy development in China.

Institute of Energy focuses on the research directions of clean and efficient utilization of coal, magnetic confinement fusion, renewable energy and smart power grid, comprehensively strengthens basic research, applied basic research and technological innovation, drive the optimization layout of scientific research forces in the energy field and the leap of independent innovation ability, aiming to form a strategic scientific and technological innovation force with discourse power and influence in the field of energy technology development, and build an "aircraft-level" research platform facing the frontiers of world science and technology.

Since its establishment in December 2019, the Institute of Energy has established a research team led by academicians and supported by professors, with young scholars as the backbone. In order to further expand the scientific research team and improve team building, the Institute of Energy is now recruiting high-level talents at home and abroad. 

I. Field and specialty

Clean and efficient utilization of coal

Chemical engineering and technology, mineral processing engineering, power engineering and engineering thermal physics, environmental science and engineering, materials science and engineering, safety science and engineering, geological resources and geological engineering (geophysics), computer science and technology, instrument science and technology, electrical engineering, electronic science and technology, software engineering, cartography and geographic information system, mechanical engineering,control science and engineering,control science and engineering, civil engineering (geotechnical engineering, underground space)

Magnetic confinement fusion

Plasma physics, material physics and chemistry, detection technology and automation devices, computer application technology, precision instruments and machinery, instrument science and technology, nuclear science and technology, nuclear technology and application, radiology, imaging medicine and nuclear medicine, high voltage and insulation technology, power electronics and power transmission

Renewable energy

Physics, chemistry, electrochemistry, inorganic material chemistry, energy chemical engineering, chemical engineering and technology, material science and engineering, and mechanics

Smart power grid

Power system and automation majors such as power semiconductor devices, power electronics, power system, microelectronics, power system analysis and control, new energy power generation and integrated energy system, atmospheric science, high voltage and insulation technology, software engineering, refrigeration and low temperature engineering, material science engineering, chemical engineering and mechanical engineering

II. Post and salary 

i. Outstanding talents

1. Acceptance Requirements 

Top scholars with outstanding international reputation and other outstanding talents at a considerable level.

2. Specific salary 

High salary, different salaries for different person

ii. Leading talents

1. Acceptance Requirements

Those who has achieved remarkable research results in relevant disciplines, has certain international influence and academic level as a discipline leader, and holds equivalent posts of researcher and senior engineer.

2. Specific salary

1) Post: those on the regular payroll with title IV or above

2) Salary: annual salary of over 800,000 yuan (before tax).

3) Scientific research funds: providing 20-30 million yuan

4) Housing: settling-in allowance will be provided during the first employment period (negotiable); relocation housing will be provided and can be used once you arrive;assisting in purchasing a talent apartment in accordance with the policy.

(5) Other support: providing establishment, postgraduate indicators and office and laboratory rooms for team building;centralized leave twice a year; providing work for your spouse; assisting children in admission to school. 

iii. Top talents 

1. Acceptance Requirements

Research backbones with strong scientific research capabilities or great development potential, who have has a senior position or above in domestic well-known universities and institutions, or has a vice senior position or above in overseas well-known universities and institutions with outstanding performance.

2. Specific salary

1) Post: those on the regular payroll with title IV or above 

2) Salary:  annual salary of over 400,000 ~ 800,000 yuan (before tax) 

3) Scientific research funds: providing 6-15 million yuan

4) Housing: settling-in allowance will be provided during the first employment period (negotiable); relocation housing will be provided for 3 years and can be used once you arrive; assisting in purchasing a talent apartment in accordance with the policy.

5) Other support: providing postgraduate indicators and office and laboratory rooms for team building; centralized leave twice a year; assisting children in admission to school.

iv. Postdoctor 

1. Acceptance Requirements

1) Those who is excellent both in character and learning, with the passion for scientific research;

2) Those who will obtain a doctoral degree within 3 years, and fresh doctoral graduates are preferred;

3) Those who is under the age of 35.

2. Specific salary

1) Salary: annual salary of over 250,000 yuan (before tax). 

2) Scientific research funds: providing 1 million yuan based on the principle of meritocracy2 years

3) Housing: providing postdoctoral apartments.

4) Other support: those who can participate in the promotion of professional titles during the station and make outstanding achievements are preferred to be selected as the staffing of government affiliated institutions. Centralized leave twice a year; assisting children in admission to school.

III. Registration method 

i. Submitted materials: detailed resume, including but not limited to basic personal information, date of birth, educational experience, scientific research or work experience, list of published articles, financial commitment, academic awards and personal honors received, participation in international conferences, etc. . 

ii. Please send your detailed resume to the mailbox: iehcnsc@ie.ah.cn. Please indicate your name + direction in the subject of your email.

iii. Tel: Ms. Lu, 0551-65593504  13965038801

Official website: http://www.ie.ah.cn

The recruitment is long-term valid.