The Institute of Energy of Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center Held a Meeting on the Management of Research Centers and Scientific Research Projects

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On May 29, 2023, Institute of Energy of Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center (hereinafter referred to as Institute of Energy) held a one-day conference on research center and scientific research project management. Entrusted by Academician Li Jiangang, the President, Hu Hao, the Vice President, presided over the meeting, and leaders of various management departments and research centers of the Institute of Energy, project leaders and key members attended.


At the meeting, everyone listened carefully to the reports on the work progress of eight research centers and 19 major scientific research projects, sorted out and counted the achievements and existing problems of the Institute of Energy in talent introduction, capacity building, scientific research, project cooperation, external service, outcome transformation and mechanism innovation since this year, and studied and analyzed the direction of efforts and work priorities of the Institute of Energy in the second half of the year and in the future, realizing the purpose of unifying thoughts, building consensus, learning from each other's strengths and invigorating the spirit.    

In his concluding remarks, Vice President Hu Haomin pointed out that: Since the establishment of the Institute of Energy more than three years ago, with the joint efforts of all of us, great progress has been made in out works with remarkable achievements in scientific research progress and achievements transformation. With the continuous improvement of its own ability, the constant enhancement of its development momentum and the persistent expansion of its influence, the relevant work of the Institute has been concerned and recognized by the relevant departments of the state, province and city.

Next, research centers and research groups should further accelerate the progress of scientific research and strive for early, more and better results. In the future, efforts should be made to orient project layout towards application, market and industrialization, to closely integrate large-scale scientific projects, carefully plan the layout, and make careful arrangements to provide inexhaustible motive force for ensuring the sustainable development of the Institute.