The Kick-off Meeting of “Research on New Energy Technology and Related Industries in Anhui Province”, a Major Consultation Project of China Academy of Engineering under Academy-Locality Cooperation, was Successfully Held

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On May 25, 2023, the Institute of Energy of Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center (hereinafter referred to as Institute of Energy) organized the kick-off meeting of the project Research on New Energy Technologies and Related Industries in Anhui Province. Academician Yuan Liang of China Academy of Engineering (online), Academician Wan Yuanxi, Academician He Duohui, Academician Zhang Laibin, Academician Li Gensheng, Academician Wang Yunmin, Academician Peng Xianjue (online), Academician Hu Xiaomian (online), Academician Tang Guangfu (online) and Academician Wan Wannian of China Academy of Sciences (online), Huang Heqing, Level II Counselor of Anhui Science and Technology Department, Xi Haibing, Deputy Director of Innovation and Development Planning Department, and Zhao Jinming, Vice President of Anhui Research Institute of China Engineering Science and Technology Development Strategy, were invited to attend. Academician Li Jiangang, President of Institute of Energy, Song Yuntao, Executive President, Vice President Hu Haomin, Xu Liangji, Director of Coal Clean and Efficient Utilization Research Center, Luo Guangnan, Director of Hydrogen Energy and Ammonia Application Research Center, key members of the project team and relevant personnel of management department were invited to attend.


This project is a major strategic research and consulting project of cooperation between the Academy and the locality in 2023. It is an Anhui Path for the development of new energy technology put forward by Institute of Energy to implement the national peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality energy strategy and to meet the challenges faced by energy development in China and Anhui Province. The research goal of the project is to study the technical route of new energy development in Anhui in the future by combing the successful experience of energy development at home and abroad and combining the characteristics of Anhui, focusing on hydrogen-ammonia coupling in the near future and fusion in the medium and long term, and providing advice for Anhuis economic development and the provincial Party Committee and government to formulate development plans and decisions.

Academician Yuan Liang and Song Yuntao delivered welcoming speeches on behalf of Anhui Research Institute of China Engineering Science and Technology Development Strategy and the Institute of Energy respectively. Academician Li Jiangang, President Song Yuntao, Vice President Hu Haomin and Director Xu Liangji systematically reported on the relevant topics of the project from the aspects of research background, necessity of project setting, research content and focus, project organization and assessment, completed work and the next work arrangement of the project.

 The academicians and experts fully affirmed the value of the project research and put forward specific suggestions. It mainly includes: First, we should pay attention to the economic feasibility of fusion commercial reactor and hydrogen-ammonia energy technology path. Second, in the process of studying the development path of fusion technology, we should compare and analyze the domestic magnetic confinement fusion path with the foreign inertial fusion technology path. Third, in the process of developing new energy technologies in Anhui Province, it is necessary to strengthen technical cooperation and exchanges with the domestic Yangtze River Delta region and international advanced regions. Fourth, effortes should be made to deeply explore the new energy technology resources in Anhui Province and actively explore other feasible technical paths.

On behalf of the Science and Technology Department of Anhui Province, Huang Heqing congratulated the project kick-off meeting on its success, stressing that regional innovation capability is the main driving force to promote the high-quality development of the provinces social economy. He believed that under the leadership of Academician Li Jiangang, all academicians and experts will be able to gather their wisdom and strength, come up with brilliant ideas and make good suggestions, providing strong intellectual support for the development of new energy technologies and related industries in Anhui.

Finally, Academician Li Jiangang assigned the main tasks and objectives for the next implementation of the project. The project group will fully absorb the suggestions of experts, strengthen research and cooperation, and form a proposal report in time to help Anhui Province achieve its energy strategic goals.

The successful convening of this kick-off meeting marks that the project has entered the stage of accelerating implementation. The Institute of Energy will take the implementation of this project as an opportunity to explore the zero-carbon technology of Hydrogen and ammonia production by electrolysis of renewable energy in northwest China - Safe and low-cost storage and transportation of hydrogen and ammonia - Efficient use of hydrogen and ammonia and the fusion energy technology path with fusion experimental reactor - Engineering demonstration reactor - Commercial reactor as the main line in the medium and long term, so as to promote the development of hydrogen and ammonia technology, fusion technology and related industrial clusters in Anhui as soon as possible, carry out systematic analysis on technology and industrial development, and put forward development suggestions with strategic guiding significance for the development of new energy in Anhui in the future.